Dr. Sheetal Sood
Dr. Sheetal SoodFounder, Director
Director of Special Education
Associate Professor
Department of Education
200, Bloomfield Avenue, H 222
West Hartford, CT 06117
PhD, Lehigh University (Special Education)
MEd, Lehigh University (Special Education)
MA, Jadavpur University, India (International Relations)
BA, Jadavpur University, India (Political Science)
Office Phone: 860 768 4357

Teaching Focus:

Associate Professor Sheetal Sood, Ph.D. teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in special education. She helps preservice teachers develop and differentiate between wide ranges of instructional strategies to ensure that their students can reach their highest academic potential.

Ms Sangeeta Sood
Ms Sangeeta SoodFounder
Assistant Teacher Sushila Birla Girls’ School, Kolkata
B. Sc, Lady Brabourne college, Mathematics (H)
B. Ed
Phone: +91 9831212707

Teaching Focus:

Having taught mathematics for over 25 years Ms. Sood has observed that many students have internalized their fear of mathematics. Very often students lack confidence in their abilities to do well in it and begin to believe that they cannot be successful. Over the years, she has seen more and more students struggle to master mathematical skills and concepts and thus develop a dislike towards the subject.

These increasing numbers have been a matter of deep concern for her, and she has constantly tried to find ways of helping her students overcome this apprehension and dislike for the subject. This desire to do something to support struggling students has inspired her to start ExPLORE Academy.

At ExPlore Academy she will be able to meet the needs of all students by adopting multiple teaching techniques to meet different learning styles.

Explore Academy was established to prove that all students can learn. We believe that all students can achieve high levels of success if they are provided with the right.

We consider teaching as more than just imparting or transference of knowledge. As educators, we believe that we must equip our students with certain qualities such as:

a) the ability to problem solve;
b) desire for continued learning; and
c) an aspiration to question and reflect – allowing them to think beyond their limits.

We feel that, it is imperative to encourage students to be critical thinkers. Development of critical thinking skills empowers them to think about possibilities and analyse situations which further enables them to be successful in the future.