Success in Mathematics at Any Age and Any Level

ExPLORE ACADEMY provides students with opportunities to be active, eager, independent learners by teaching them skills to Examine – Play – Learn – Organize – Respect and Engage in their own learning. At ExPLORE ACADEMY we create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development of appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.


  • Conduct reliable and valid pre and post assessment.
  • Differentiate instructions based on students’needs.
  • Include online mode of instruction that provides students convenience and self-paced learning from the comfort of one’s home, which enhances interest in Mathematics by making it enjoyable.
  • Focus on hands on learning by incorporating explicit instruction. Focus on positive reinforcement to help students master the skills and concepts.
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration allowing richer conversations about the subject, Provide explicit instruction (model, lead, guided practice, and independent practice) to ensure that all students understand the subject matter.
  • Provide students with real life learning experiences rather than devote all time talking about theory.
  • Focus on conceptual understanding instead of rote learning.
  • Encourage students to be critical thinkers by providing them with opportunities to talk with

Classes conducted by Ms. Sangeeta Sood.

Levels taught: Classes V – XII, all boards.