Science – Imagine – Invent – Inspire

Since the day we are born, we continuously feel the effects of nature around us. Science and mathematics are the languages of nature, though much more complicated than what our books teach us. For many centuries now, scientists have striven to understand nature through idealization of the complex interactions in nature. Here, at ExPLORE Academy, we believe that it is our duty to help students perceive their surroundings better by gaining a clearer understanding of these languages of nature.

At ExPLORE Academy we:

  • Use easy to understand and vivid illustrations like experiments conducted in class to help students visualize various phenomena, thus creating a much more profound learning experience.
  • Conduct regular quizzes in class to help students remember key concepts.
  • Allow students time to discuss in class via group discussion sessions, thus encouraging collaboration at the grass-root level.
  • Ask students to complete easy and meaningful mini-projects/activities in class to show them the “fun” side of scientific learning.
  • Lay emphasis on important topics to help students prepare for examinations.
  • Use various reference books to widen the mental horizon of students.
  • Provide tutorial sessions stressing on the myriad approaches to solve a problem rather than only the final answer.
  • Encourage active participation in class with our highly trained teachers, thus benefitting not only the participant but the class as a whole.

Classes conducted by Ms. Sweta Chatterjee.

                                      Mrs. Dipti Mukherjee

Levels taught: Classes V – XII, all boards.